Workplace Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Integrated Health Systems assists corporate organizations to measure and manage of the risk of poor health in the workplace.

We conduct seminar programs and assessments.

Our information management system provides organizations with a cutting edge tool for planning and managing a systematic workplace health, fitness and wellbeing program.

Our particular focus is on improving musculo-skeletal health, principally because poor musculo-skeletal health is the key driver of workers compensation claims.

Here is an outline of the Complete Musculo-skeletal Health System, what it involves and what we do:

  1. We conduct musculo-skeletal health and manual handling seminars.
  2. We take staff through our Ten Point Risk Screen, with people being assessed as ‘high risk’ undergoing our Clinical Assessment. We also conduct work station assessments.
  3. We inspire and motivate staff to willingly take part in a daily exercise program so they can attain and/or maintain the level of strength and flexibility that improves musculo-skeletal heath and dramatically reduce workers compensation claims.
  4. We involve ‘high risk’ people and people already on workers compensation in our Pro-Active Rehab program.
  5. Using our Information Management System we enable employers to record risk screen and clinical assessment results and track people at risk through the pro-active rehab process. The OH&S Management System also tracks health, fitness and wellbeing training, particularly those programs that are deemed to be obligatory, like musculo-skeletal health, manual handling and workstation set up.
musculo-skeletal health in the workplace