About Us

Integrated Health Systems brings together three companies specializing in measuring and managing the risk of musculo-skeletal dysfunction:

  • corporate health company, Miller Health
  • pro-active rehab specialists, Frontline Physiotherapy and
  • OH&S information management specialists, Smarter Health Software.

Our head office is located in Canberra.

Our Team

John Miller Managing Director, corporate health specialist.

Cameron O’Neill, Finance and Marketing Director

Nigel Pfitzner, physiotherapist and Pro-Active Rehab Director

Jeff Sawade, Director Information Management

Andrew Destro, Business Manager

What We Do

We conduct musculo-skeletal health seminars, assessments and programs for corporate organisations around Australia.

Our corporate health focus is on

  • improving musculo-skeletal health and relieving joint and muscle pain
  • reducing the costs associated with poor musculo-skeletal health, in particular workers compensation premiums.
musculo-skeletal health in the workplace