We have four assessment protocols

  1. our general Health Climate Survey
  2. ten point musculo-skeletal health screen
  3. Musculo-skeletal Clinical Assessment
  4. the Workstation Assessment so people can be set up properly at their desk
  5. the general Fit-for-Work assessment

Out of the assessments come a series of reports.

We we provide organisations with is objective data relating to strength, flexibility and postural alignment. Integrated Health Systems is breaking new ground in providing this advice.

The advice has several uses:

  1. When you find people in poor musculo-skeletal health you want a set of objective measures as to their degree of functionality – ie their level of strength and flexibility.
  2. If staff embark on a prehab or a rehab program you want to be able to track improvements in their condition.
  3. You want to protect your organisation from vexatious workers compensation claims for joint and muscle pain that our research shows are generated by low levels of musculo-skeletal health.