Information Management

The anchor point of our musculo-skeletal health program is the SmarterHealth cloud-based, information management system that assists organisations to collect, store, monitor and manage information

System Components

  • Health Monitoring linked to Actions and Resources
  • Assessment Tools
  • Reporting System
  • Training System
  • Induction System
  • Work Health Management System
  • Appraisal Tool
  • Competency Measurement
  • Audit Tool
  • Leave Management
  • Time Sheets

Health Monitoring

  • Standardized reporting with scheduling and monitoring of future requirements.
  • Real-time drillable graphs show status information of your team at a glance.

The system facilitates the management and recording of results from

  • Perform Psychometric testing,
  • Physical Aptitude Tests
  • Pre-employment Assessments

It then schedules reviews, actions, remedial interventions, and links to learning resources and improvement programs.


The system facilitates incident reports, near misses, hazards, stress, bullying or other adverse events.

Associated workflows not only record the event but also start a series of notifications and actions, including investigation (if indicated), followed by related corrective and preventative actions to address causal factors.


Perform staff inductions,  orientations, and training of staff online through an Employee Portal activated through the system by an email invitation to employees, potential employees or contractors.

Work Health ManagementUsing the Integrated Health Systems OH&S management system, organisations will be able to manage online, all aspects of workers compensation claims, with meetings, return to work plans all integrated with employee, managers, medical specialists, insurers, rehab providers and representative involvement as required.  Injured employees and employees on a pro-active rehab program can upload claims receipts direct through the Employee Portal.

Individual employee criteria can be set for work diaries. They can be recorded via smart phone direct to system.


You can load your own appraisal tool that will push to employees for stage 1 completion, then back to line Manage for Stage 2 completion, then finalize at Appraisal Meeting, set goals, learning objectives and link to the training matrix and follow-up actions. Review compliance by unit, responsible manager or organization-wide.

Competency Measurement

The system

  • provides information in the form of competencies, policies, guidelines, standards or other information.
  • confirms whether employees have read particular information and and that it has been recorded in their HR record.
  • includes an assessment on the material provided and/or third party observational records if required.
  • sets review and/or reassessment dates.
  • tracks review compliance by unit, responsible manager or organization-wide.

Audit Tools

Conduct online audits. Build your own audit from customized criteria, or use the in-built audit for implementing and measuring Smarter Health.

Leave Management

Leave management is a pivotal requirement of a good OH&S Management system, taking annual and long service leave being an essential ingredient of good mental health.

Online application forms for leave requests, forwarded to line manager and on approval recorded in the section diary and/or organization-wide diary.

Time Sheet Records

Start and finish times can be recorded online or by smart device and allocate the time worked over various cost centres as required. Working excessively long hours and not taking annual and long service leave is a health hazard.

musculo-skeletal health in the workplace