Key Issues

Key Issues


Joint and muscle pain affects people in a wide range of jobs, from heavy manual labor through to sitting down.

The overwhelming cause of this joint and muscle pain is

  • tight muscles that have pulled the skeleton out of alignment and
  • muscles that not strong enough to carry out the every day tasks that we could normally expect people to do without experiencing pain.

The good news is that for a high proportion of people, once they embark on a systematic strength and flexibility training program, one designed to loosen tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles and get their skeleton back into better alignment – there is a high likelihood that their musculo-skeletal pain will disappear.

This is indeed good news for corporate organisations. The simple intervention of a short daily strength and flexibility exercise program, coupled with a pro-active rehab program for high risk people has the potential to dramatically lower workers compensation claims and premiums.

On top of that, our assessments and our health management system provide employers and insurers with evidence to support or reject injury claims.

We know that once people with joint and muscle pain have found out the likely cause of their dysfunction, they will willingly spent some of their own time improving their strength, flexibility and skeletal alignment. We’re yet to see the person who didn’t want to be pain free.